Satoshi Nakamoto has just arrived in your village and brings you vision for a fairer society. You find yourself at a turning point in human history, your initial mistrust is replaced by a promise in a more credible future you learning Bitcoin and now you become the messenger of human progress, a vision that will liberate humanity.

It's now a year since I did my first NFT on Superrare. I was surprised that I auctioned it off and I started to enjoy it, a little later I entered the grounds of Cryptovoxels and regretted that I did not buy the plot when it was affordable. In the meantime, we became friends with Max Osiris, who was hosting the LA Cryptoartshow 2019, and this friendship led me to the garage (because all great things are born in a garage), which I wanted to open from the first day in Cryptovoxels. Max lent me the land and that made sense to the visuals I had prepared, but I didn't know exactly how to publish them.


CypherpunkNow vs Gustavo Doré
Bitcoin White Paper - The Abstract & 12 chapters
A series of thirteen GIF images and one PNG image.
The entire RARIBIBLE #NFT series sold for Ξ43.94

Torn from the Bible, painted in ink and animated in high definition
by the mood of the clash of civilisations.
The Abstract and 12 Chapters of Bitcoin White Paper.
NFTs on Rarible in five drops,
for 5 consecutive days from Monday the 5th to Friday the 9th of October.
Each of the thirteen visuals will be minted in a series of 13 copies.
Each copy is for 0.13 ETH.

See the RARIBIBLE  artwork at my temporary gallery The Garage at Cryptovoxels
and I will invite you for a guided art tour next week.
Reaching full art & tech circle with#RARIBIBLE art works.
Sending complete series of 13 original illustrations to an art collector who owns the entire #NFT series, tokenized and sold via @rariblecom
Each illustration has a certificate of authenticity on the #BTC blockchain via @verisart
See at @cryptovoxels
raribible certificate 600x

Drop 1 - Abstract
(Monday 5th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
0. Abstract Bitcoin A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System 

Drop 2 - chatper 1, 2, 3,
(Tuesday 6th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
1. Introduction

2. Transactions

3. Timestamp Server

Drop 3 - chatper 4, 5, 6,
(Wednesday 7th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
4. Proof-of-Work

5. Network

6. Incentive

Drop 4chatper 7, 8, 9,
(Thursday 8th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
7. Reclaiming Disk Space

8. Simplified Payment Verification

9. Combining and Splitting Value
Drop 5 chatper 10, 11, 12,
(Friday 9th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
10. Privacy

11. Calculations
12. Conclusion

complete sequence in a single image
(Friday 9th October 22:00 CET check your local time)
13 images of RARIBIBLE - Bitcoin White Paper visualisation in a single collage.
High definition PNG (14455x2000px).
Fits into Cryptovoxels 43x7m format.
1/1 edition
on sale for the price of complete RARIBIBLE GIF collection - 0.13ETH x 13 copies x 13 images = 21.97ETH

Snímek obrazovky 2020-10-07 v 16.08.00
Super Rare       Known Origin        Rarible