Pepe Was Here Series 1 large

Pepe entered the world of conspiracy theories with the hope of finding the truth.
Pepe decided that he could no longer live in ignorance. Despite all the news that came into his hands, he felt that there was something much bigger hiding behind the reality he perceived. He began exploring forums of conspiracy theories. The ideas and evidence presented by theory supporters fascinated him. However, as he got more involved, he noticed increasingly bizarre and unproven theories. Pepe realized that while questioning established beliefs is important, blind faith in unproven theories is dangerous and learned to maintain a healthy skepticism and seek explanations based on evidence for the phenomena around us.

Six 1/1 images,
vintage engravings created with MidJourney AI
inkjet print on photo paper, hand-coloured with acrylic and water colours
framed under museum glass in wooden cassette
artworks 7.7x10.9 inch / 19.5x22.5 cm
frames 12x14.1x1.1 inch / 30.5x36.8x3 cm
available exclusively at the auction during BTC23 conference

However the series also has a tokenised version with each image being issued in a series of 100 XCP/BTC tokens
now available at

Pepe and The World Order framed all_1

XCP tokens dankset

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