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This is the only motive I'm reprinting. Since 2017 when I created it, I have made several other editions, all in red and black colours, differing only in the year of production. So the 2022 edition brings the colours for the first time, black is replaced by dark blue and the neon colours are instead of red, only 21 copies of each colour edition.

Graphic visualisation of the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. Mays including his email to cypherhpunks dated to 1992...
We are living cypherpunk future, now!

Printmaking: Screen Print
Colours: 2 / acrylic
Format: 39 x 27 inches / 100 x 70 cm
Paper: 230g Rainbow Creme
Edition size: 21
Signed and numbered 

Every Cypherpunk Now artwork comes with a Bitcoin Blockchain certificate of authenticity by Verisart.