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Bitcoin White Paper 2022
Inflation is rising, the treasury building is empty, riots are spreading and the bankster dinosaurs want to escape but Wall street is already being burned by the orange glow of the incoming Bitcoin meteorite.

Bitcoin as Meteorite
Dinosaurs as Banksters
George Washington as PePe the Hodler
Satoshi Nakamoto as Dorian Nakamoto
Rioters as You

The Times Genesis Block Title
and The full text of the Bitcoin White Paper Abstract as written by Satoshi Nakamoto

Silk-Screen Print
Print: 8 colours / acrylic
Format: 39x27 inches / 100x70cm
Paper: Rainbow Creme 230 g/m2
Edition size: 70 prints
Artist proofs: 0
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity via

Prints No 11 - 70 are sold out

During October I will create an animated 1/1 NFT for this theme, which I will mint on Superrare
By the end of the year I will upload an exact photo of this motif on KnownOrigin where I create an NFT record of all my prints, 21 copies at a time.