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Last prints of Crypto Anarchist Manifesto 2019 edition.
I moved my office twice this year and these prints get hit from one side which will be hidden when you frame it but I give you 10% "discount"to cover this imperfection...
use code: FrameWillFixIt

Will make 2020 reprint sometime next year because everyone should have cypherpunk manifesto on wall...

Cypherpunk future is now! Graphic visualisation of crypto anarchists manifesto including complete Timothy C. Mays email to cypherhpunks of the world dated to 1992 when all his words were future we live in now...

Printmaking: Screen Print, Acrylic on Paper.

Every Crypto Art Lab artwork comes with digital Blockchain certificate of authenticity by Verisart.
Confirmation of ownership transfer to you will be recorded on Blockchain within 24 hours of payment.

Print: 2 layers screen print
Format: B1 – 100 x 70 (cm)
Paper: 230g Rainbow Creme

Limited edition 2019 reprint of 14 copies

Signed and numbered 

Weight 0.475 kg