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BITCOIN WHITE PAPER 2020 limited 1-6/6

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Prints No. 1/6 to 6/6

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Only a 6 prints series.

A remix of my Bitcoin White Paper poster for 2020, the dinosaur bankers still have control over the cash flows but they are already counting the last seconds before the #Bitcoin meteorite strikes.

Continue order if you like to purchase print No.  4 / 5 / 6, contact me if you like to have a print number 1 - 3

No. 3/6 for $ 1000 
No. 2/6 for $ 1500
No. 1/6 for $ 2000

Will not reprint.

Printmaking: Screen Print
Every Cypherpunk Now artwork comes with Bitcoin Blockchain certificate of authenticity by Verisart.

Print: 10 colours / acrylic
Format: B1 – 100 x 70 (cm)
Paper: 230g Rainbow Creme
Limited edition of 6 prints
Signed and numbered