Bitcoin Tree

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Last available copy #39 of 40, printed 2020.

The Bitcoin tree is tall; it’s branches spread wide and it’s roots run deep. All can explore it’s foliage and eat the fruit it bears. It knows nothing beyond production, season after season. Less and less as it matures but each crop more satisfying than the last...
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Printmaking: Screen Print
Colours: 8 / acrylic
Format: 39 x 27 inches / 100 x 70 cm
Paper: Rainbow Creme 230 g/m2
Edition size: 40 prints (Sold out)
Artist proofs: 0

Signed and numbered
Printed 2020

Every Cypherpunk Now artwork comes with a Bitcoin Blockchain certificate of authenticity by Verisart.

I originally removed this print from sale because it has a small white spot in the upper right corner, but I'm sure it doesn't compromise the mood of the print...