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Bitcoin Baphomet

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A Spectre is haunting modern world, the Spectre of crypto anarchy… Inspired by T. C. May The Crypto anarchists manifesto and Eliphas Levis illustration of baphomet… but instead of goat head its privacy extremist holding Bitcoin in one hand and picking decentralised blockchain net with other hand, and same as crypto has bright and dark side, she has tits and evil hairy legs… yes the spectre is haunting modern world. .

Printmaking: Screen Print

Every CypherpunkNow print comes with digital Blockchain certificate of authenticity by Verisart.

Print: 4 layers screen print
Format: B1 – 100 x 70 (cm)
Paper: 230g Rainbow Creme
Limited edition of 15 prints

Signed and numbered 

Weight 0.475 kg