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I'm creating Art, transforming the memes and the historical milestones of the age before hyperbitcoinization in to the visuals, collages, drawings and printing it on screen print, large format in limited series.

I print my artworks on a manual screen printing machine, using acrylic colours. Printing each colour from a separate frame until I put all the visual together. Watch here

Each print is created, printed, numbered and signed by me.

Each print is provided with printed and digital certificate of authenticity, stored on the bitcoin blockchain via Verisart.

Free worldwide delivery.
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I did graphic design for two decades, before entering the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. But after a few years spending bitcoin on coffee and creating the visual face of the Paralelní Polis project, co-founded with the Ztohoven group in 2014. I found myself at the center of Bitcoin's maximalists in 2020. Making graphic design of printed Citadel21 zine and I get inspiration for sketches, paintings, collages that I create and print in limited editions on screen print.

Despite the fact that I believe in physical art that can be hung on the wall, I am fascinated by the NFT cryptoart scene, rapid development and family affairs associated with it... #cryptoart
Visit my gallery at SuperRare and KnownOrigin to see NTF editions of my artworks.