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Original collage available with NFT only

Category Original Artworks


From a series of 11 unique NFTs & Physical collages 


A tribute to the people who defined cypherpunk, described the idea and wrote the code.
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Available only with L-BTC NFT purchase at Raretoshi.

List Price 0.1 L-BTC SOLD

1/1 NFT created according to hand-painted original collage.

GIF 5120x2880 px.


Physical collage
13.7x17.7 Inch, 35x45 cm, framed:
The collage is composed of 4 parts, from the top
1. mask / black ink and white tempera
2. cypherpunk's name / inkjet printer
3. head silhouette / black ink, inkjet printer
4. background / black ink, screen printing

Each part of the collage is under separate glass so it gains distance from the previous layer,
5 layers of glass in each frame with a total depth of 1cm.

High resolution photos of complete series

The primary owner will receive a physical collage.

NFT preview: